Garnet Blasting

Garnet blasting is a type of abrasive blasting used to finish steel surfaces.  This preparation process ensures the quality of the final finished coating, including the elimination of corrosion. Garnet blasting gives important protection for steel products used in environments where there is regular exposure to corrosive chemicals, water, temperature variations and other natural elements.

Rockpress can advise you if garnet blasting is a recommended option or a necessity as part of the production scoping for your job.

Rockpress has a in-house garnet blasting booth 8.5mtrs long x 3.5mtrs wide x 3.5mtrs high , capable of blasting anything up to massive industrial steel structures and formwork assemblies.

We offer in-house Garnet Blasting services for a variety of materials including Carbon Steel, Mild Steel & Iron.

Bead Blasting

Garnet blasting Booth size:

  • 8.5mtrs long
  • 3.5mtrs wide
  • 3.5mtrs high

Why Garnet Blasting?

When you use metal in your processes, you need to know that it’s prepared well and that it will work properly for you. It will need to be shaped, punched, fitted, and coated. Without the right coating, metal will erode, rust, and be prone to nicks and scratches. It can even flake away under certain circumstances. To prepare your metal for coating, you may need garnet blasting. This is done before finished coating is applied and is one of many options you have to prepare your metal for its final coat.

One reason for using garnet blasting is that it protects the metal and prepares it for coating more thoroughly than most other processes. The coating chosen will adhere more easily and will last longer when you use this preparation process. This can be very important especially in some cases such as when the metal will come into contact with other metal or when it’s used in food preparation. Metal must be protected in these times more so than any other.

If you’re not sure if garnet blasting is the right process for you, it’s good to speak with a metalworking expert and to compare your options. This will mean being able to see if it fits your needs and also your budget, and if it’s right for the type of metal you use. You never want to use substandard processes for your metalwork applications, so anything to help finishes adhere will be recommended.

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