CAD/CAM Drafting

At Rockpress, we recognise the importance of absolute precision and clarity to meet your project’s exact specifications.

We have several full-time CAD/CAM Programmers in our Drafting office who can translate your ideas into a high quality finished product. Each Programmer is trade-qualified, trained in our workshop – so they can add their design and metal fabrication expertise to your job.

Our drafting expertise has helped customers achieve premium steel manufacture solutions, product drafting efficiencies, and cost-effective results across:

  • Trade product applications
  • Industrial segments
  • Architectural products, both internal and external applications

If you don’t have detailed specifications, a sample or a rough sketch is sufficient to enable our staffto develop and draw the product to your expectations.

When you provide your own specification drawings, we’ll still produce a set of workshop drawings as Machine files for our tradespeople and equipment to interpret – enabling us to work to high tolerance levels.

We ensure all final specification drawings are approved by you before we start fabricating.

Whether your product is simple or complex, Rockpress is fully equipped to deliver a result that is precisely to you requirements.


With our advanced computer technology, we can accept a wide range of files into our AUTOCAD Inventor, including:

  • Autodesk Inventor Files (*.idw, *.iam, *.ipt)
  • Autocad Drawings (*.dwg)
  • DXF Files (*.dxf)
  • STEP Files (*.stp, *.ste, *.step)
  • IGES Files (*.igs, *.ige, *.iges )
  • SAT Files (*.sat)

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Please ensure that you have included the following details to prevent delays: All dimensions, Material type, Material finish, Material thickness, Finish required e.g. powder, paint, bead blasted. Attachment (max file size 10MB) Allowed file types: pdf, doc, docx, odt, txt, xls, jpg, png, gif, jpeg, step, iges, dxf, idw ,iam, ipt, dwg, stp, ste, igs, ige, sat.