Glass Bead Blasting

Glass Bead Blasting is an environmentally-friendly metal finishing technique that produces an attractive and natural-looking satin finish. It can be applied to stainless steel and aluminium work with spectacular results.

Glass Bead Blasting is also more cost-effective than manual polishing, particularly for products that feature intricate shapes and profiles.

The glass bead blasting process uses compressed air to blast small spheres of glass beads from a nozzle at very high velocity (.5Ra) into every corner and recess of the target object, resulting in a seamless and uniform satin finish. Glass bead blasting works equally effectively for a single component or a complicated welded assembly of pipe, plate, sheet and angle – a perfect finish is easily achieved in all cases.

While its application is almost limitless, Rockpress has used glass bead blasting as an ideal finish for products used in these industries:

  • Food processing
  • Structural stainless walkways and platforms
  • Architectural products in coastal areas
  • Abattoir equipment
  • Architectural aluminium products

Bead Blasting
  • 24 m3 in-house Glass Bead Blasting booth
  • 4000 x 3000 x 2500 high for S/S and Aluminium use only, with magnetic separator
  • Can handle large-scale assemblies

Why Glass Bead Blasting?

When you need metals to be finished, you may want to choose a process that is more environmentally friendly than standard coating and epoxies. You might consider glass bead blasting as this is a favourite choice among many who want to use something safer for the environment.

With glass bead blasting a nozzle blasts a spray of microscopic glass beads onto a metal surface and these coat every point of that surface, adhering to it and leaving behind a thick and glossy coat. When you choose this type of finish, you typically cannot tell the difference between it and any other more traditional finish for your metal surface.

This type of finish can be used on metals for a variety of purposes, from food processing to architectural products. It is better for the environment because it eliminates many of the chemicals needed for production of coatings and finishes you normally see with metals. It lasts just as long and is just and durable, and in many cases produces a better looking finish that is shinier and more eye-catching.

You may not always have the chance to choose something more environmentally friendly when it comes to your metalwork so it’s good to think about glass bead blasting if you have that choice. You will produce far fewer toxins when you opt for this process and will still get the same results as any other type of coating you may apply to your metal.

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