There is no doubt that we are all facing some challenges that the majority of us would not have experienced in our lives. It is sobering to see some of the footage from 1918 with the outbreak of the Spanish Flu and in more recent times when some countries experienced SARS in 2002.


Rockpress is committed to the health & safety of our workers, customers & suppliers and in doing so has introduced a number of measures across the business.


  • We are constantly monitoring the health of all workers and encouraging them to practice Social distancing and good hygiene habits.
  • We have increased the number of sanitising stations throughout the business for easy access to all workers
  • Set up a separate office onsite to ensure that we follow social distancing policy
  • Limiting indoor face to face meetings and reduce the need for workers to move from shed to shed
  • Keeping all workers informed with correct and up to date information provided on


These are just some of the measures that we have introduced as Rockpress is committed to keeping our doors open to assist our Customers to continue with their business operations. While we have orders we will continue to purchase from our Suppliers. We believe that by remaining an active part of the Supplier chain that we are doing our part in helping an already stretched economy.


We are encouraging our Customers and Suppliers to contact us via phone or email to limit face to face interactions but our Despatch remains open for the collection of your order.


During this time we have reduced our Office and Despatch hours to be as follows:-


Monday – Thursday:  7am – 3.30pm

Friday:  7am – 1pm


If you have any needs or requirements outside of these times, please do not hesitate to contact us.