Wet Spraying

Wet spraying gives a professional and quality gloss coating to metal products, available in fine, medium or coarse texture finishes. It is a two pack polyurethane process that gives high resistance to weathering, particularly sunlight, through UV protective properties.

The two pack finish is also ideal for highly corrosive environments, and offers outstanding water and crude oil resistance, as well as protection against polluted water and abrasion.

We can mix to your exact specifications or colour match to other products if necessary.



Our Wet Spraying Workshop can give your product a gloss finish in almost any colour.

Where to go for Wet Spraying in Brisbane

Metal finishing is very important, and during your build you want to choose the best company for wet spraying in Brisbane. You need a good glossy coat on your metal and to protect it from scratches and damage, and to make it more useable as well. UV rays and water abrasion can damage even the thickets of metals, so wet spraying in Brisbane is going to be vital no matter your construction.

The best company for wet spraying will be one that will mix colours according to your specifications and that will work with you to create the best finish. A company that will match a colour is needed, since your metalwork often needs to mix well with the rest of your design and dcor.

The experience of the professionals for wet spraying is important to note. The type of finish they offer is the best; a two pack finish will keep your metal most protected and ensure the finest look and quality, and the best protection against corrosion.

Note their results and you’ll see the right company for wet spraying in Brisbane. This will give you a good idea of the quality of their work. You may see in their gallery their different shades of finishes and can judge the quality of their work. Results should speak for themselves when it comes to wet spraying, so note their gallery and finished product and this will help you to see the best company.

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