Powder Coating

Powder coating gives a premium and long-lasting finish to any metal product. Rockpress can supply powder coated finishes in gloss, matt and satin.

We can powder coat in a wide variety of colours, using powders from the Dulux colour palette. Because powder coating offers a tough and durable covering, it is ideal for internal and external applications, as well as decorative finishes. Powder coating is also very resistant to scratching and marking.

We offer Powder Coating services for a variety of materials including Carbon Steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Zinc Coated Steel, Galvanised Steel & Aluminium


Our Powder Coating Workshop consists of a fan-forced oven 8.5mtrs long x 2.4mtrs wide x 2.5mtrs high and a preparation booth to match.

Where to go for Powder Coating in Brisbane

When you work with metal of any sort for any application it needs to be coated. Metal itself can chip and flake and this is very dangerous especially in food preparation applications or when safety is of utmost concern. Using a good powder coating in Brisbane will mean protecting your metal and making it look better as well.

The right powder coating will protect your metal completely because powder will cover the entire surface and adhere as needed. Because powder is so fine, it fills in the entire surface of the metal and protects all of it. It adds a thick barrier between the metal and the elements so that it doesn’t rust or corrode, and protects it from other metals so that it doesn’t flake or chip. It’s a very easy type of coating to apply and works with virtually any type of metal under any type of circumstance.

Using powder coating can also make your metal look much better; it can add a colour or a shine to it and often be personalised for a particular colour you need. This will mean a finished product that looks professional and presentable and that is ready to be used in a variety of applications.

If you use metal in your applications and processes, you would do well to consider the right powder coating in Brisbane. It will mean protecting your metal and making it look presentable along with the finished product you’re creating.

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