Metal Spraying

Metal spraying or Metallisation can be used to combat corrosion and wear degradation, as a thermal barrier, to restore the original dimension of steel products, for electrical conduction and as a protective undercoat for painting and powder coating metal surfaces. Metal spraying is an ideal steel application in industrial, rural and agricultural and marine or coastal environments.

Metal spraying and galvanizing involves a process of heating a suitable metal material to its molten or semi-molten state, then spraying it against the steel substrate to produce a suitably adherent coating. As the process applies little heat to the sprayed product – between 100 and 260 degrees celsius – metal spraying can be applied to a wide variety of metals, including finished machined parts.


We can Metal Spray:

  • Carbon steel
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Zinc Coated steel
  • Galvanised steel
  • Aluminium

Why choose Metal Spraying in Brisbane for your coating needs?

The right metal spraying is needed for protection of your metal and for certain applications and uses of metal as well. Unprotected metal can rust, erode, corrode, and be prone to nicks and gouges. It can also be very dangerous for certain uses and applications as it may flake off, especially when in contact with other metals and elements, and this can be dangerous for food preparation and in other uses.

Typically metal spraying is the best way to coat metal; it means a clean and even coat and one that is durable as well. If you’re not sure of the best coating for the metal you’ll be using in manufacturing, you can consult with the metalworking company and ask them for their recommendation. This will depend upon the metal itself, the application of the metal, and any other factors that need to be considered.

For example, if you need metal spraying in Brisbane for metal that is used in artwork, you may want something with a glossier coat. This will mean something more eye-catching and that will add to your artistic touch. If you need the metal for food preparation processes, it may need to be thicker so that it protects the metal from flaking and contaminating the process.

Using metal spraying will mean protecting your metal and your product, so be sure you choose a good company that offers a variety of options when it comes to your coating.

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