Heavy Fabrication & Engineering

When it comes to general steel fabrication, metal work & welding services in Brisbane, Rockpress is essentially a custom job workshop capable of producing almost anything across a multitude of industries and applications. In our General Steel Fabrication Workshop, we have the trade skills, equipment and technology to deliver purpose-built works.

We offer welding & fabrication services for a variety of materials including Carbon steel, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Galvanised steel, Zinc coated steel, Aluminium, Copper & Brass.

We can even incorporate complementary materials and accessories – such as timber, plastics and glass – through the manufacture process to deliver your product in its complete form. Our factory workflow allows us to progress your job through our different Workshop Stations to achieve the quickest possible turnaround.

We often combine heavy and light fabrication & engineering processes to complete your job to precise specifications, which can be enhanced with our 3D Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling expertise.
In addition, our 500 amp welding capacity, with bare and flux cored wires, enables us to offer a huge range of welding options to satisfy almost any requirement.

Products that require machining of surfaces or components can be accommodated and we can supply galvanised, zinc coated or powder coated finishes to your product.

Rockpress is an ASSDA accredited fabricator and our our Inverter Welding technology and highly-qualified welders means we satisfy Australian Standards requirements.

Metal Welding and Fabrication

Metal Welding
  • AS1554.1 SP
  • AS1554.4 SP
  • AS 1554.5 SP
  • AS 4041(class1)
  • AS 4458 Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Pressure welding
  • Austenitic and Ferritic Stainless Steel  AS1554.6
  • Aluminium AS 1665 covering Tig/Mig in 5000 & 6000 series Aluminium

What is Heavy Fabrication in Brisbane?

Working with anything other than thin sheets of metal will typically mean the need for heavy fabrication in Brisbane. When you use steel or aluminium or other types of metal in architectural or manufacturing processes, you’ll need those pieces fabricated. They’ll need to be shaped and formed appropriately to suit your needs.

To choose the best company for heavy fabrication in Brisbane, you want to ensure they work with your type of metal. This may be brass or aluminium and you may need to include glass or other elements in your fabricating. Note the thickness of your metal as well when choosing a company to form and fabricate your metal. This will mean finding the one that has the equipment you need for your fabricating needs.

It’s also good to know something about the types of fabricating processes that are available. This may mean bending or simple cutting, or it may mean punch pressing. If you’re not sure of the forming that needs to be done, speak to a specialist about the end result with your metalworking. They will no doubt be familiar with the type of product you’re looking to create in the industry, and they can recommend the type of fabricating you need.

The right heavy fabrication in Brisbane will mean the right elements for your manufacturing. Ensure that you have the right company with the best experience and equipment so that your end result works with your manufacturing and architectural needs.

What can I use Customized Metalwork for?

Believe it or not there are a great deal of uses for customized metalwork. From architectural uses, to building uses and even artwork, there is no end to the possible uses for customized metalwork. Chandeliers, gates, steel logs for the fireplace and tunnel workings are just a few of the things that can be made using customized metalwork. Whatever you might be able to imagine, you can more than likely find a metal and a design to suit your purposes. Of course, you can create something traditional with customized metalwork that might traditionally have been made using wood, or some other natural material, but if you are talking about artwork, metal lends itself more to abstract and modern works.

Many people are using customized metalwork these days for structures within their homes and businesses. Metal makes great staircases, kitchen countertops (especially in industrial kitchens) or even carts to lug around heavy equipment. Customized metalwork is also very handy for people in the entertainment industry. Imagine having to cart around music amplifiers, heavy sound stage equipment or stage sets without a cart? That would be nearly impossible, and a cart bought round at the normal store won’t be able to carry the weight of this heavy material. You will need a customized metalwork cart that can bear this significant weight and still allow you to pull or push with enough ease not to strain your work.

Finally, customized metalwork can actually be used for flooring. Strong, sturdy and virtually indestructible, this type of flooring can be used for everything from factories to containers. If you are looking for strong flooring, look no further than metal floors. With little upkeep required, these are great for businesses that have more work than actual time to do serious maintenance.

Adding style with Customised Metalwork in Brisbane

There are many reasons why you may need customised metalwork in Brisbane. Metal is used for security purposes as well as to improve the overall structure of a building. It’s also used for outside gates and for seating areas as well. Because you use metal in so many parts of your architecture, you may want to consider customised metalwork in Brisbane to add some style, and to make your property more eye-catching and noticeable.

Metal artwork is very eye-catching and can be used as a means of advertising. You can have your company name etched into the metal or your logo, and this can be seen by customers and clients near your building. If you’re going to have metalwork anyway for security or as part of your architecture, you may as well use it to get your name out there in front of customers. Having this piece created for you is a great way to accomplish this.

Another consideration for adding style with customised metalwork in Brisbane is that you can use it for metal furniture or artwork. Metal artwork is a great way to add some modern style to your home or office; it can give your space an upgraded look. It can also add style to outdoor furniture and other items. If you have picnic tables or other furniture pieces outside your commercial property, using customised metalwork in Brisbane can mean adding style to these pieces rather than keeping them plain and drab.

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