Inclinable Press Work

Our Inclinable Press Workshop houses seven mechanical presses, capable of punching, notching and stamping steel materials up to 20mm thick. In some cases, we’ve been able to form even heavier steels.

All our presses are fully automated, delivering high accuracy results – even for elaborate steel forming projects. Another feature of our Inclinable Press Workshop is the ability to process repetitive work very quickly and therefore cost-effectively for you.

We have a wide choice of tooling options, or we can source special die sets to fulfill your specific requirements. We can even use your die sets from previous work if you prefer.

  • Inclinable “C” Presses
  • 8 x Capacity 10 to 90 tonne

Steel Forming Can Be Used For Decorative Purposes as Well as Practical Purposes

There are many practical reasons to use steel forming, from creating pipes and tunnels, to bending steel beams, and anything in between. Perhaps you have a steel hand rail on a modern staircase, or have you ever noticed that parts of your car or home might be made of steel that isn’t exactly straight? In all of these instances, steel forming has had a part in manipulating a piece of flat steel into whatever form or shape that a business or person may need. The fact of the matter is, pretty much anywhere you look, you would be able to pick up on some of the things in our lives that are made using formed steel. In point of fact, it is everywhere around us.

More and more, however, steel forming is being used as decoration. From buildings to art pieces, there is virtually no industry that could not make use of steel forming for their needs. The great thing about using steel forming for decorative purposes is that steel is durable, requires little in the way of upkeep, and you can use it inside or out.

Alternatively, perhaps you are a business that regularly needs tubing made out of steel. If this is the case, steel forming is perfect for you as you get the product you need, made to your specifications, and you know that it is a quality product that will stand you and your customers in good stead.  And that is important! If your products fail, so too does your reputation. By working with quality products you boost your reputation and therefore your sales.

How to choose the best provider of Inclinable Press work in Brisbane

Inclinable Press work is often needed for those who require metal pressed and formed in certain ways, and there are many professionals that provide this work. When you’re ready to choose the best company for your work, how do you know which is the right choice?

The options they offer and the work they can perform is the first indicator. They should be able to punch, notch and press metals of various thicknesses, even those up to 20mm. They should also be able to source die sets so they can fill your specific requirements. This will mean knowing that you’re going to get the job done and done right, and according to what you need.

It’s also good to check the other services they offer above and beyond Inclinable Press work. Why is this? Because if they offer other services then you know that they’re truly a professional company with the materials and technicians needed to handle your job. Typically Inclinable Press work is just one of many metalworking services you may need for your architecture or manufacturing needs, and when you choose a more professional company you’re likely to get a better job done.

Be sure they understand your finished product so they can recommend other processes for you and so they know the job will be done right. Choose a company that communicates with you clearly and you’ll choose the best one for your job.

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