Guillotining & Cutting

At Rockpress, we have three NC Guillotine machines, with cutting capacities up to:

  • 6 mm in thickness for mild steel
  • 4 mm in thickness for stainless steel
  • maximum sheet width of 3 metres.

Guillotine cutting is a cost-effective alternative to laser cutting and is suitable for products that don’t demand absolute precision or safe handling characteristics, such as road signs and vehicle components.

Your Rockpress Estimator can recommend the best cutting solution for your job.  We can even cut material that you supply if that suits you.

Guillotining & Cutting

Guillotining & Cutting
  • 2 x Guillos Max 4000mm long x 6mm M/S plate
  • NC Guillotining: 4080 x 6mm Mild Steel, 4080 x 4mm Stainless Steel

Our NC Guillotines can cut a variety of metals into almost any consistent shape, including:

  • Sheet metal
  • Plate metal
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel – zinc plated or uncoated

The best choice for NC Guillotining in Brisbane

Quality guillotining is important; metal needs to be cut accurately to suit your manufacturing needs, which means you need a company that has the equipment and the knowhow to get your metal cut to specifications no matter your needs. Guillotining is a common process with metalwork but you still need to choose the best company to provide this for you so it’s done quickly as well as accurately.

A Brisbane company that has the experience and machinery needed to provide quality NC guillotining is what you need. Be sure they can cut metal in various thicknesses and in various widths so that no matter the finished product you need, they can provide it for you. They must be able to handle any type of metal you may have, from zinc to steel and aluminium.

More than that, you only want a company that has the most professional staff and technicians who will work with any business to ensure their job is done right the first time. They need to understand the end result or product to be produced with your metal so they know how to work it properly.

Before you choose a company for NC guillotining in Brisbane, be sure you check all these details so you know your job will get done right. This will mean choosing the company that works best for you and that will give you the finished product you need.

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